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Easily Change Content

Add and change your content without the need to involve another party.
No special knowledge, skills, software, or use of a webmaster required.
Make changes directly on website pages and immediately see results.

We believe you should not need an IT staff to have an attractive, professional looking website, and you certainly shouldn’t have to possesses HTML programmer or technology skills to be able to add or change your website information. Our solutions allow you to easily and directly edit your content yourself.
You can add and change your information directly through the website with no special software required on the local computer or special skills required. Changes can be made directly from any device that can access the website. You simply click on an "EDIT" button, the access to which is limited to only authorized users. Clicking on this button opens an in-line editor window which allows you to directly edit displayed information. Click "SAVE" and changes are immediately displayed on the published webpage. You can add new content in the same manner by clicking an "ADD" button. The system can optionally be configured such that all additions must be approved by another designated individual before they appear on the page.
If you can use Word, you have all the skills needed to use the page editor. There are numerous buttons at the top of the page for enhancing the text including alignment, indentation, bullet lists, table insertion, spell checking, undo, etc. There are also special buttons that allow a user insert pictures and other media, add tables, and add links to other articles, documents, or even other websites.

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