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Advanced Access Control

Accept user registrations, collecting and automatically validating user e-mails.
Manage user access credentials and assignment to user groups with different access privileges.
Restrict access to content, features, and capabilities, based on individual access rights.

A core feature of DyKIDo! is the ability to accept user registration via a process that automatically collects and validates their e-mail address and assigns them access credentials that can be used for website access control. You can specify what information a user must provide in order to register, as well as any required approvals.
  • Maintain full control of who registers with your website
  • Collect information needed for membership
  • Automated e-mail validation and approval processing
  • Self-service processing of forgetten ID / password
Maintain full control of who registers with your website
User registration is what differentiates an e-community from a classic website as it defines who is a trusted member of your community. During the registration process each user is given a unique ID and logon credentials that you can use as the basis for granting special privileges and permissions within your community. These permission include such items as access to restricted content, the ability to submit an article, permision to participate in discussions or post comments, or even rights to publish materials or approve other users. However, since people sometimes don’t behave as they should, registration and access rights become the leverage for policing your community. If someone abuses their privileges, you can turn off their rights, and even disable their logon access. You always have full control over who can do what.
Collect information needed for membership
When a user registers, they are asked to complete a community profile form that collects information about them. At a minimum, they must specify a user name and password and provide their e-mail address. You can also add fields to request any other information you want. These fields can be configured without the need for any programming or intervention by a technical resource. Each field on the form can also be set to be either optional or required where required fields must be completed before registration can occur. Information typically collected includes name, address, contact information, user name, and any other special context information a community manager may desire. The profile also supports the ability to upload a photo or avatar. The user can review their profile information at any time.
Automated e-mail validation and approval processing
Submitted e-mail addressess are automatically validated by the system. This is important because these e-mails form the foundation for outbound communications such as electronic newsletters, and validation is the first step in assuring the request is valid. When a user completes your registration from the system automatically sends a confirmation message to the e-mail address provided. This message contains an encoded link the user must click on to confirm and complete their registration request. These completed requests can then be either automatically approved or sent to specified individuals for manual review and approval. Once approved, users are then able to use their user name and password to login into the website and utilize any special priveledges they were granted.
Automated processing of forgotten ID / passwords
If a user should ever forget their credentials, the system includes an automated process to request information and reset passwords. Users must simply enter their e-mail address, and instructions on how to reset passwords or access user ID is then sent to the registered e-mail address.
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