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Custom Design

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 Our websites are custom designed to meet your individual needs and requirements.
Costs are minimize by eliminating expensive software development and/or proprietary license fees.
Extensible platform provides rapid delivery for today's needs with easy expansion for tomorrow's requirements.   

Custom feature-rich does not mean high cost.  Customized solutions can often be delivered at less cost that prepackaged low- end consumer DIY offerings. This is a well kept secret in the web community, 
Superior cutting-edge solutions have traditionally been limited to larger enterprises that can afford expensive software development and IT resources needed to develop and maintain such custom solutions. Smaller organizations are often relegated to use of less expensive, mass-produced DIY packages that offer limited capabilities, provide minimal flexibility, and have a cookie cutter look and feel.
We bridge these two worlds, and provide high end solutions at exceptionally low costs by leveraging open-source software.
Our knowledge and expertise in open-source software allows us to take publicly available, preexisting, and royalty-free software components, and combine them into configurations fit to specific needs. This enables the creation of sophisticated, customized, and feature-rich websites without the high cost of either custom software development or proprietary software license fees. We then add in all the other technical and support elements needed to deliver a complete and ready-to-use turn-key solution.
With this approach, we are able to provide affordable feature-rich websites and related on-line solutions for organizations hindered by either budget constraints and/or limited IT skills or resources.
There is no expensive software development involved, nor software license fees.  You are simply paying for use of our time and knowledge in how to put together the pieces as needed to meet your needs.
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