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Restricted Access Content

secure folder
Restrict visibility and access for selected content to only authorized individuals.
Authorized individuals must log in with assigned credentials and  optional call back verification to gain access. 
Define multiple private groups, each with restricted access to only their private content areas.

The DyKIDo! platform includes sophisticated access control functionality that supports not only the usual public access but also allows you to restrict access to selected areas or content items to specifically authorized users.
This type of access control is typically not available on consumer DIY website creation platforms, and provides tight control on a very granular level over: who can see what content; who can submit content; and who can change content. This functionality allows you to: (1) define multiple user groups; (2) assign individual users to one or more groups; and (3) limit access to specific content and functions to selected groups only.
Thus you can create multiple private areas where each individual group has access to only their specific area. Groups can be registered members, your staff, board of directors, content contributors, or any particular group you want to define.
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