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Optional Available Extensions

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Optional extensions include:
-- Newsletters
-- Event Registration and payment
-- On-Line Form Completion
-- Document Sharing
-- Surveys
-- On-line Discussions
-- Community Calendars

The modular standards-based structure of our application platform provides us with access to a massive community of compatible extensions from numerous 3rd party providers.  This community of extensions creates a diverse set of readily available "Lego" blocks for building web based solutions. In creating your custom solution, we do not need to develop any software, but simply need to find the right extensions for your specific needs.  We then configure them into our platform to create your custom solution.
The result is a high-end customized application at minimal costs.
Available extensions include base elements as well as complete subsystems. Examples of base elements include document sharing, on-line discussions, newsletters, custom forms, and event calendars.  Examples of more advance components include on-line e-commerce catalogs, service directories, reserved seat ticket sale systems, help desk functions, project management tools, and more.
Read more about some of the more common optional extensions in Optional Extensions.
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