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Cross Browser Compatible

cross browsers
Solutions are designed to work with all modern browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge

Over the past decade, there has been an accelerated increase in the number of different browsers used to view websites which has fragmented the market.  The March, 2016 US market for desktops browser use is: Chrome (47%); Internet Explorer (24%),  Firefox (14%), and Safari (8%).  These numbers vary widely depending upon the global region considered and type of devices: desktop, tablets, phones. etc.
The issue is that each type of browser interprets webpage displays differently so the user experience can vary widely depending upon the browser they use. For example webpages built with Flash will not display on iPADs or other Apple products.  Contemporary websites must be designed with this in mind and built to be cross-browser compatible. This is not done in many DIY website tools, or by all website designers.
All of our applications are designed to be cross-browser compatible. 
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