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Content Management Functions

Collaboratively source content from multiple contributors using integrated submission process.
Embedded editor includes publishing options such as start and stop publishing date and time. 
Organize content using hierarchies of nested category layers.

The heart of our DyKIDo! platform is a robust content management system that allows for the generation of website content from a community of contributing authors in a controlled and managed fashion. The system supports content creation and editing directly throught the website and automatically manages the approval and publishing process.
  • Structured content hierarchy with nested categories.
  • Role base authoring and content approval workflow.
  • Individual pages support multiple content display areas.
  • Time bounded content publishing
Structured content hierarchy with nested categories.
DyKIDo! uses a hierarchical structure in the background for organizing the content of a website. Individual content items (text, picture, etc.) are contained in an articles that are then assigned to a content category, which allows for grouping of related articles. A category can be a top level category, a sub category of a top level, or a sub category of another sub category. Public or restricted access control can then be applied at the individual article, sub category, or category level and menu items can be linked to individual articles, sub-categories, or categories.
Role based authoring and content approval workflow.
The ability to author an article is distinct and separate from the ability to approve and publish an article. Authoring and publishing (approval) rights can be set on an individual basis and be further restricted to specific categories or web site areas. The built-in workflow management process automatically notifies appropriate individuals whenever a specific event has occurred. For example when an author submits a new article, assigned editors and publishers are notified to review, approve or decline, and then publish the content. These abilities provide total control over who can add content to your website, what content they can add, and how it is approved and published.
Individual pages support multiple content display areas.
Any individual page can display multiple types of content in designated areas on the page. Thus you can control what individual articles are shown on any given page, where is displayed, and how it is displayed. This provides a high level in flexibility in how your pages appear to viewers.
Time bounded content publishing
You can set automatic start and stop publishing dates for individual articles, so that time sensitive information will automatically be removed from website pages when they expire. This greatly reduced the effort required to keep your content fresh and up to date.
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