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Optional Social Media Integration

Embedded social media links ("Like button") in individual website items.
Optionally auto-post new website content to Twitter and Facebook accounts.
Show Facebook and Twitter account activity on your website.

With over 74% of on-line adults now using social media sites, no web presence effort today is complete without a social media component.  While social media provides easy engagement and viral promotion, it is also limited in the richness of information that can be displayed, and a website is still required for establishing credibility. 
Our platform allows you to combine the two elements.  Each individual content article can contain social media promotion links.  If your webpage viewer is on social media, all they need to do is click on the link to promote your content through their network.
There are also embedded links on your pages that can take a viewer directly to your social media pages.
We can also link content between the two, such that any new content posted to your website is automatically posted on your social media sites, and also display any new social media postings as content on your website.  
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