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Rapid Delivery with Turn-Key Services

We bundle our DyKIDo! based configurations with all of the other necessary components needed to deliver a fully operational and usable solution including: hosting, administration, training, maintenance, and support. We continue to provide these services on an ongoing basis, serving as your information technology staff, and insulating you from the underlying technology and operational issues. All you have to do is provide and manage your content which is as simple as using word processing software. We can even manage content for you if you wish.
Since we already have preconfigured DyKIDos! for many of our solution areas, we can often get your website or application published, fully operational, and ready for loading your content within 72 hours of when you place your order with us. Most of this delay is due to the time required by the Internet infrastructure to process and propagate changes associated with pointing your website url (www. xxxxx .com) to our domain name servers. Custom websites and enhancements will naturally take longer to deliver. However, customers can usually begin with a base configuration, and then make enhancements to it as the gain experience and their needs and desires evolve.
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