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Affordable Custom Solutions

The inherent open-source structure of DyKIDo! provides for highly customized solutions that remain very affordable. Since we are using existing open-source components, there are no software license fees involved, nor is there any need for expensive software development. We are simply assembling pre-existing, royalty free, software components as needed to meet your requirements. The elimination of software develop expenses and license fees significantly reduce your overall cost. You simply pay for the effort to configure your specific website or application.
The functionality we deliver is also completely modular, creating a very configurable and extensible application platform. Individual functionality can be added or enabled with just a few clicks of a mouse and there are hundreds of optional extensions available. This provides an application platform that can be economically built to address your immediate needs yet still evolve as your needs change. Whether your need is for a simple basic website, or full blown CRM platform with e-commerce capability, an appropriate DyKIDo! can quickly be configured.
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