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DyKIDo! Our Solution Platform

DyKIDo! is an acronym for Dynamic Knowledge and Information Domain and is the name we give to the foundation we use to create our custom implementations. This is not proprietary software involving a license fee or royalty. It is simply our configuration of several different market leading open-source applications, extensions, and components, integrated with an industry standard open-source content management system to provide a diverse set of features and functions. As a packaged application foundation, it supports rapid customization for specific implementations and can easily be extended or altered for different needs.
For example, our virtual community configuration includes: a leading content management system, coupled with a document sharing repository, discussion boards, and an electronic newsletter manager. Our political campaign configuration includes: a campaign donation manager, volunteer manager, and social media integration. The result is a modular, extensible, functionally-rich platform, that supports rapid creation and deployment of all types of interactive network (web) based applications
Supported applications range from basic websites to advanced knowledge and information sharing solutions, including but not limited to: business websites, company intranets and extranets, private project team collaboration, customer support and relationship management, communities of practice, on-line user surveys, delivery of on-line training, and e-commerce solutions.
The customers we serve include: small businesses, non-profit organizations, small government entities, political campaigns, public figures, civic groups, home owners associations, clubs or other shared interest group, and even independent website designers.
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