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We deliver affordable custom websites

  • We are experts in crafting, hosting, and managing custom feature-rich websites for budget challenged organizations. 
  • Affordability is enabled by use of open source software eliminating the high cost of software development and proprietary license fees. 
  • We provide all the technical knowledge, components, and services needed to deliver complete and usable business solutions.

Our expertise in product/market strategy, value proposition development, and business model design, makes us uniquely qualified as an ideal partner for budget and skill challenged organizations.

We are a different type of firm as we do more than websites.
We provide strategic insight and help you achieve your business goals.

  • Have an idea or need for a website, on-line application, or virtual community?

     We can make it real. 

     Contact us for a no cost evaluation and discussion of your ideas and needs.

Standard Website Features

All of solutions we deliver on our DyKDo! platform include the following features and services. We handle configuration of these elements into what you need for your application.  They are listed here to provide a feel for the capabilities and extensibility of the platform.

Custom Design

wireframe design
 Our websites are custom designed to meet your individual needs and requirements.
Costs are minimize by eliminating expensive software development and/or proprietary license fees.
Extensible platform provides rapid delivery for today's needs with easy expansion for tomorrow's requirements.   

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Easily Change Content

Add and change your content without the need to involve another party.
No special knowledge, skills, software, or use of a webmaster required.
Make changes directly on website pages and immediately see results.

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Expanded Multimedia Support

Support all types of multimedia content including: audio, video, pictures, and maps.
Include content from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram.
Optional expanded content support for documents, events, calendars, discussions, custom forms.

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Restricted Access Content

secure folder
Restrict visibility and access for selected content to only authorized individuals.
Authorized individuals must log in with assigned credentials and  optional call back verification to gain access. 
Define multiple private groups, each with restricted access to only their private content areas.

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Advanced Access Control

Accept user registrations, collecting and automatically validating user e-mails.
Manage user access credentials and assignment to user groups with different access privileges.
Restrict access to content, features, and capabilities, based on individual access rights.

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Content Management Functions

Collaboratively source content from multiple contributors using integrated submission process.
Embedded editor includes publishing options such as start and stop publishing date and time. 
Organize content using hierarchies of nested category layers.

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Integrated Search Function

Quickly and easily find desired information within website content. 
Define custom search filters for use by visitors. 
Collect statistics on common search terms for website tuning.

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Dynamic Presentation

Dynamically present content in tabs, rotators, slide shows, pop-overs, galleries, accordions, grids.
Control display speed and apply special effects.
Collapsible single and multiple column formats.

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Cross Browser Compatible

cross browsers
Solutions are designed to work with all modern browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge

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Responsive Designs

themes warp responsive
Pages automatically respond and adapt to different device types and resolutions including:
 phones, tablets, and desktops.

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Integrated SEO Analytics

View traffic levels directly from your website including day, week, and monthly levels. 
Examine traffic by referral source, type of device, location, pages viewed.
Integrated SEO features serve to optimize search engine rankings.

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Optional Social Media Integration

Embedded social media links ("Like button") in individual website items.
Optionally auto-post new website content to Twitter and Facebook accounts.
Show Facebook and Twitter account activity on your website.

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Optional Available Extensions

cube wall
Optional extensions include:
-- Newsletters
-- Event Registration and payment
-- On-Line Form Completion
-- Document Sharing
-- Surveys
-- On-line Discussions
-- Community Calendars

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Commercial Class Hosting

All our websites reside on private servers and operate from commercial data centers.
We managed the firewall, run backups, and update software to provide safe, secure, and reliable website operations.
We monitor and manage traffic and performance to assure your website is continually responsive to requests for information.

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Comprehensive Support

We provide ALL the technical services needed to design your website and keep it operational and available
We provide user training and support on how to manage your content and leverage your website.
You do not need to have any technical staff or specialized knowledge.

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