Domain Name System and DNS Records

All computers and websites on the Internet are accessed through the use of their unique IP (Internet protocol) address which looks something like (  All you need to access a web site is knowledge of its IP address.  If you know it, you can the address (such as directly into your browser and you can connect.  However, that is not very user friendly or easy to remember. 
The Domain Name System (DNS) provides a way for translating textual domain names into their corresponding IP addresses.  When someone enters into their browser, the browser uses the DNS to find the corresponding IP address, and then connects to that address.  Basically the DNS is a giant cross reference table. 

When you register your domain name with a registrar, they create a DNS record in this system that is associated with your domain name.  This record contains information about the IP address associated with the location of your website. Often this is simply a "parking lot" unitl you establish your website. This DNS record the mechanism that allows you to maintain your hosting provider separate from your registrar.  If you ever move your website to a different hosting or website provider, all you need to do is update the information contained in your DNS record to point to your new website.  Access to change this information is typically provided by your registrar. 

DNS records contain a lot of information about various services associated with your domain name and require some technical knowledge to make appropriate changes.  However most registrars allow you to provide a third party with administrative access to your record so they can make these changes for you.

If you already have, or acquire your domain name on your own, just let us know, and we will provide instructions on how to grant us administrative access, and we will take in from there.  You maintain ownership and control, and can remove us from administrative access at any time you wish.
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