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Our Open Source Approach

Our Approach
We provide the technical expertise needed to convert open source software into ready to use business solutions. Created from open source software components, our offerings involve integration of multiple products to create complete the feature rich applications we deliver to customers. Our business model is therefore not based on developing custom code, or licensing existing software, but applying our knowledge in a cost effective manner to support your business. 
Our core platform for website applications is the open source content management system Joomla. Joomla is now on its fourth generation design, and we have been using Joomla since the very beginning.  We then extend Joomla with other open source extensions to create our DyKIDo! foundation.  This foundation is installed on the Linux open source operating system, with the open source web server application Apache, and MySQL, the open source database application, to provide a foundation free of software license fees.   
There is really nothing we do that you couldn’t do on your own by investing the time needed to acquire the prerequisite knowledge about open source products and integrations. That is also why you are never locked into our services. When we build you a solution, you can take the source code for your application with you if you decide to go to another open source support provider. If you wish to support your solution with your own internal staff, we can even teach them everything they need to know.
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