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Our Technology Approach

We utilize standards compliant open source software components
We do not directly develop software. Instead we utilize code drawn from the open source community. This means you do not pay any software license fees for your e-community website, either initially or on a recurring basis. You also are not faced with the cost and time delays associated with developing custom software. Finally, you are not locked into or dependent upon the proprietary product of any single vendor. You have royalty free rights to the source code for software used in your website. There is also an entire community of suppliers who are familiar with this code and can provide you with needed software support. Therefore your project is portable to other vendors or your internal staff, and your investment in building your e-community is protected. Click on Open Source Software to learn more.
We combine best of breed components to create a feature rich e-community application platform
We continuously scan the open source projects to find software that delivers the individual functional components needed for a successful e-community website. We then evaluate and select the best of breed modules and integrate them together to create our DyKIDo! e-community platform. This provides a comprehensive and feature rich platform we can quickly deploy for creating e-community websites. Using DyKIDo! we can have a new website on-line and ready to accept content within a few hours. There is no proprietary code in DyKIDo!. The value is in the pre-selection and integration of the various modules involved. This is an ongoing process as we continually evolve and enhance our platform with the best open source components available.
We leverage our expertise to configure functionality specific to your needs
While our DyKIDo! platform delivers a comprehensive set of e-community functionality, what makes your e-community unique is how this functionality is presented to your viewers. The conversion of DyKDIo! capabilities into your specific user experience is entirely parameter driven. These parameters define which specific users or groups have access to what functions. The also define what information is displayed on what page. They even define the look, feel and layout of individual pages. If there is a feature you don't need, a simple check in a box turns it on or off. We sit down with you to understand the content, context, and goals of your community, and then configure the system for you. If you wish, we can expose the configuration settings to you and you can make your own changes. Or you can take on configuration tasks slowly over time. The key point is that all of this is accomplished without generating a single line of code. Then as your needs change over time, most of the desired changes can be accomplished by just changing a parameter setting.
We tune the content management interface to match your capabilities and workflow
Content management is critical part of an e-community and the tools needed to manage a mature and active community can be overwhelming to someone just getting started. We tune content management to your current needs and capabilities and evolve them as your needs change. You are only exposed to what you need and at a level matched to your skills. If you do not understand html code you will not have the ability to use it in your content. If someone in your community does, you can turn on this capability only for that individual. Workflow is also matched to your needs. If you only have a few trusted contributors, their submissions can be automatically approved. But if you have a larger group, their submissions can be automatically sent to a designated party for review and approval. All of these capabilities are parameter driven, so as your needs change, additional capabilities are simple to turn on. The complexity of dealing with the system is kept simple without sacrificing what you might need in the future.
We provide all of the other components needed to create a usable solution
A robust configured application, though necessary, is not sufficient for a usable business solution. You still need the hardware platform to host your application along with Internet connectivity. We provide hosting services in commercial grade datacenters and scale from shared platforms to dedicated server clusters. Our application platform easy transitions across this spectrum, so you can start out small and never pay for more than what you need. We also provide the on-going application and database maintenance, security monitoring, system back-up, and user training and support services. We can even provide content management and community moderation services if needed. You just provide your content and whatever other element you want or can provide. We take care of the rest.
Our solutions are flexible, scalable, extendable, and portable, protecting your investment in your project
We deliver a web site matched to your current needs while allowing you to grow and expand capabilities as your needs evolve. You never have to overspend by paying to acquire capabilities you might need until some time in the future. Our modular design, allows new functionality to be added when needed without expensive code modifications. Thus you can always build on what you already have, and will not encounter the expensive cost of successive redesign.
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