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Our Approach to Pricing

Pricing for our services involves two components. There is a one-time fee for e-community design and implementation. Then there is a recurring quarterly hosting and support fee. Additional fees may apply for subsequent functional enhancements you request after your web site goes live, or if you want us to train someone else on how to support and maintain your application. While directly managing your content for you is not our focus, we can also provide webmaster services if needed at additional fees.
Design and Implementation
This is a one-time fixed fee that covers all aspects of getting your website designed and in production. This includes the activities discussed in the article “Our Approach to Implementation” which range from the initial meeting to final production go-live, including training as well as any design and layout changes desired prior to go-live. This fee does not include the cost of any custom graphic design work or additional functionality beyond what is defined in the initial project scope. This amount of this fee will depend upon the complexity of the website and whether or not a conversion from a prior website is required. These fees can range from less than $1000 for a basic e-community to over $10,000 for highly complex websites involving a lot of custom work and e-commerce capabilities. We will quote your site before any work begins, and a partial payment is due when you give us the go-ahead to built your community platform. Another payment is due when you approve the final version. The final payment is then due after training is completed and your site goes “live.”
Quarterly Hosting and Support Fees
While implementation is a one-time fee, hosting and support fees are recurring and billed at the start of each quarter / or on an annual basis. The first payment is due when your site goes “live”. The quarterly fee covers related hosting fees, on-going application support and maintenance, and on-going support for your content management staff. These fees can range from less than $250 per quarter to well over several thousand dollars per quarter depending upon hosting requirements and website complexity. The fees are also not fixed and may increase if you later add enhanced functionality to your website.
Website Transfer Support:
You are free to terminate our services at any time and take your website with you (including application source code) without incurring any additional fees. You will receive a zip file that contains all of the source code arranged in a directory structure that can easily be installed on another properly configured server. You will also get an SQL export of your current database. However, if you would like assistance in getting your website up and running with another provider, or transferring it internally to your own support staff, we can help. We will train those individuals in support, operation, and maintenance of your application, but there is a fee for this service.
Web Site Enhancements
We will enhance and add functionality to your website as you desire. However, there may be fees associated with implementing some requested enhancements which may also impact your quarterly support fees.
Webmaster services
Our focus is on providing a functional website infrastructure that allows you to add and manage your own content and is not on content management. However, should you desire webmaster services to load and or manage your content, we can provide that service for an additional fee. This is usually billed on an hourly basis as needed.
Special Consideration for nonprofits and entrepreneurs:
We occasionally provide pro-bono design and support services for charities and community focused non-profits but such work is limited to our local area of South Montgomery County, Texas. However, there are usually still some nominal hosting fees involved. If you are a limited budget community non-profit in our area, contact us to see if we can help.
We are also interested in entrepreneurial web based business ideas. If you have a business idea you would like to pursue, have limited funds, and need a web development partner, contact us. We would like to hear from you.
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