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Our Approach to Implementation

We use an agile approach to implementation that involves the rapid deployment of an initial working prototype that is then continually modified and enhanced in response to your feedback. We know that sometimes you don’t know what you want until you see it, and that your ideas may change and evolve as you gain more insight and experience with your e-community. We expect this and plan for it. Therefore we do not develop detailed specifications that you must first approve, and then come back with a finished product that doesn’t meet your expectations. Nor do we force you into the limitations of a standardized template design. We keep you involved in the design process along the way continually collecting your feedback and making changes as we go. The result is a website that is customized to your needs and desires.
We start by fully understanding your needs, goals, and capabilities.
Our first step is to personally meet with you in a discovery meeting to gain an understanding of your needs, expectation, and vision for your e-community website. This involves learning the about the goals and context for you website and gaining some insight into the amount and type of content you expect to have. We also discuss your expectations for the size and activity level of the community you expect to build, options for content creation and management, and your expected user’s level of computer literacy. We also use this meeting to address any questions you have and learn about any preference you may have for graphics and page layouts.
We minimze development time to keep cost low
We then create a fully functional prototype based upon your needs. Since we know the typical functionality required in an e-community, we have several pre-configured foundations we can leverage.  This allows us to get a new website up in a very short amount of time.  We then modify this foundation to meet the requirements and preferences discussed in our initial meeting. The resulting prototype is fully functional and Internet accessible. You are asked to review the site, and we then make any modifications desired. This cycle continues until we have a website design that meets with your approval. When approved, the prototype is moved to a production server, hardened for security, and the user access and content management interface are configured.
We provide pesonalized training on community and content management
Our next step is to have an orientation meeting with your primary content providers and e-community managers where we train them on how to add and manage website content.  At the close of this session, a production website is turned over to you for your initial content loading.  We then monitor the process and provide user support for any issues or question that may arise.  We also use this time to fine tune the user interface to make sure it is easy to use and matched to the skill levels of your staff.
We stay with you to make sure you are successful
When your initial content load is completed, your site becomes live and Internet accessible with the content fully in your control. We continue to monitor website usage for any usability issues we might be able to address. We will schedule a follow-up meeting ranging from 90 to 180 days after your go-live date to review how well the website is meeting your original goals and expectations, and address any needed changes.  These review meetings are held periodically as long as you are our customer.
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