Political Campaigns

Elections cannot be won without voter support. However, building and maintaining a dedicated base of supporters requires ongoing communication and interaction. Your constituents need to be kept informed of your positions and platform, endorsements, and campaign activities. On the other hand, you need to know what is on the mind of voters in the way of current concerns as well as their opinions on what course of action you should take. This is a challenging and complex communication task.

While group e-mail and on-line newsletters have become a basic necessity in today’s world of social media, these tools are also not sufficient to address the communication needs of a campaign. They do not provide the means for signing up volunteers, generating participatory voter support, and raising funds. A more critical issue is they do not deliver the knowledge needed to fully educate and inform stakeholders of related history, background, and alternative perspectives. The latter is a fundamental requirement to finding and implementing solutions to today’s complex problems that you followers will support.

A DyKIDo! based website provides a comprehensive solution to this communication challenge. Community leaders can present the elements of a current issue. Constituents can then comment and provide their perspectives, engaging in a controlled interactive dialog that exposes hidden aspects of an issue important to you followers. The result is a comprehensive knowledge base and analysis of the issue, accessible by all, that serves to educate constituents and give them a voice. informed and community leaders aligned with the pulse of the community. Think of this as a perpetual virtual town hall meeting that occurs in a controlled electronic environment. Group e-mails and newsletters then provide current updates, while your website provides the background material needed to bring those new to your cause, up to speed.

This dynamic is most powerful during election campaigns. Getting elected requires the ability to attract and motivate a strong base of supporters that feel connected and aligned with you. Building this support base is not only an activity that needs to begin long before your campaign starts, but also needs to continue after you are elected. This is where most traditional campaign websites break down as they are solely focused on the moment, promoting candidate name recognition campaign platform, only to be abandoned after the election. DyKIDo! based campaign websites take a different approach. Not only do they address specific campaign requirements, they also serve as long term platforms for managing your constituent relationships with the following features and capabilities:
  • Build a database of registered supporters with complete contact information.
  • Publish information and views regarding current issues.
  • Accept comments from viewers on posted material in a controlled manner where all postings require review and approval.
  • Maintain a public calendar of important events and activities.
  • Notify constituents of important events and issues of timely concern through website announcements and group e-mail.
  • Connect with your constituents through electronic newsletters that draw from website content.
  • Extend the reach of your message through links to social media (twitter, facebook).
  • Accept question from supporters and post answers, complete with a (FAQ) frequently asked question area. 
  • Accept and coordinate meeting and event participation events.
  • Recruit and manage campaign volunteers.
  • Accept campaign donations on-line.
  • Take surveys and polls of viewers.
  • Provide private areas for use by campaign and support staff. 
  • Issue electronic call to action when support is needed.
These type of capabilities are traditionally limited to large campaign effort with an IT support staff or with sufficient funding to support custom development of feature rich systems. However, our open-source based DyKIDo! platform puts this level of functionality into the hands of smaller community focused campaigns, providing affordable, fully supported solutions, customized to specific needs. The result is a high value campaign website that is created and maintained with minimal cost and effort, and which can be converted to a public figure website after election.
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