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Non Profit Organizations


Non-profit organizations, charities, volunteer groups, foundations, and civic organizations all execute the same basic activities focused on bringing people together and rally them around a common cause or interests. These organizations work to educate the public about their subject and find interested parties. Then they raise funds and recruit volunteers needed to create and deliver on their plans. Finally they reach out and connect with their beneficiaries to provide services.

Successful coordination of these activities requires you to simultaneously address the different information needs of the multiple audiences you must reach. First there are those who are unfamiliar with your organization and seek to learn about you and your services. This includes potential beneficiaries and volunteers who want to know how your services have helped others and how they can get involved. Then there are those already familiar with you and who want to maintain a relationship by keeping in-touch and staying up-to-date on your activities and successes. This group includes your established sponsors and volunteers who need to know their efforts and contributions are actually producing results and making a difference in order for them to stay involved.

While a website is an important communication tool, most websites today are not designed to support the critical activities of developing and maintaining relationships. Development of on-line relationships has been shown to increase the amount of donations received, produce more engaged and committed volunteers, and grow your base of beneficiaries. Yet the web-presence of many organizations is geared only toward educating people about the organization and programs using content that rarely changes. Once people have read this information, they have little reason to return to the website. However, the key to successful on-line relationships is providing viewers with a reason to repeatedly return to your website. This requires continuous posting of new, relevant, and interesting information to draw them back.

A DyKIDo! based website allows you to use your website to build lasting relationships without facing the challenges associated with content creation. The task of continuously creating fresh material and the subsequent process of updating your website is a daunting task for any resource limited and technically challenged organization. No single individual or organization can sustain this activity. A DyKIDo! website allows you to engage your various audiences in generating the content for you, while you maintain complete control. Using community generated content also creates some important dynamics that ties your audiences together keeps them coming back for more.
  • Photos, testimonials, and stories submitted from your beneficiaries, provide a personal experience for website visitors and make it easier to see how efforts are impacting real people. This is important to volunteers and sponsors. 
  • Items such as discussion forums and member profiles allow members to connect with each other, share concerns, experience, and knowledge. These develop emotional connections that keep people coming back. Monitoring the discussions allow you to gauge issue and topic of interest to your community participants. 
  • Event calendars populated with events submitted by members of your community and approved by you keep visitors coming back to find out about upcoming events. Promote and manage selected events with on-line event registration.
  • Automated newsfeeds provide for a central point of latest information about your cause.
  • Electronic newsletters created from selected new content posted on the website provide a way to regularly communicate with individuals that do not visit the website. 
  • Provide private on-line areas for group, committee, and board collaborative work. Eliminate paper and printing costs with up to date on-line directories and electronic delivery. Automate staff management tasks and workflows.
  • Accept on-line donation and conduct on-line fund raising activities.
  • Integrate with social media.
These type of capabilities are traditionally limited to large organizations with an internal IT staff or with sufficient funding to support custom development of feature rich systems.  Using our open-source based DyKIDo! platform, we put this level of functionality into the hands of smaller non-profit organizations, providing affordable, fully supported solutions, customized to specific needs. The result is a high value website that is created and maintained with minimal cost and effort.
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