Knowledge Sharing Communities

All of these groups share a similar interest in connecting together individuals to leverage their shared knowledge and experience. This interest can range from the simple information about mutual topics of interests, to comparing notes on experiences, coordinating individual tasks to accomplish a shared goal, collaborating on a solution to a complex problems, or even developing best practices.  In all of these situations DyKIDo! based solutions can help capture and harness the collective knowledge of a community. 

In today’s connected world, knowledge is much more than the raw information you personally assimilate. Knowledge comes from experience in applying information to solve real world problems and this experience need not be your own.  As an example, consider a common use of the Internet today is to seek other with a similar problem or need and then learn what they did and their level of satisfaction with the results.  Such information can range anywhere from ratings on restaurant’s, movies, and appliances, to how to do home and automotive repairs, to even treatment options for complex health issues.  All of these are examples of collective knowledge in action.

DyKIDo! based websites are designed to build collective information pools and individual connections around any topic of shared interest. Raw information can be uploaded in the form of Internet links, documents, power point slides, videos, conference notes, book recommendations, and even individually written articles. Other members can then post comments about their own experiences and perspectives on this information.  Members can also rate the information as well as other member postings in regards to value and contribution. Discussion forums allow individual to post questions about problems or questions others may be able to answer.  These responses to initial information form new content for further discussion. The end result is a spiral of activity that continually extends and expands the shared knowledge base.  

In regards to problem solving, multiple perspectives are often required to resolve today’s complex problems.  In fact the very nature of the problem can be difficult to define which often results in disagreement about causes.  Creating solutions with maximum effectiveness requires the interaction and integration of multiple perspectives. DyKIDO! enables this interaction in a virtual community setting, freeing collaborators from the constraints of location and time, greatly enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of team members.

In all of these situations, DyKIDo! based solutions:

·       Bring together multiple perspectives and expertise.
·       Encourage collective learning.
·       Allow for more effective use of resources
·       Foster a higher level of commitment to action
·       Facilitate and accelerate group problem solving and decision making.
These type of capabilities are traditionally limited to organizations with an IT support staff or with sufficient funding to support custom development of feature rich systems. However, our open-source based DyKIDo! platform puts this level of functionality into the hands of smaller groups, providing affordable, fully supported solutions, customized to specific needs. The result is a high value campaign website that is created and maintained with minimal cost and effort. 
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