How We Are Different

We Specialize In Open Source Software

We are not a custom software development shop, nor are we marketers of proprietary software products. Our focus is on converting readily available Open Source Software and related components into usable business solutions.
This approach results in very affordable high-end solutions, as it eliminates the high costs of custom development as well as the expense of proprietary software license fees. The only thing you pay for is our expertise in sourcing and integrating existing royalty free components needed to create a solution matched to your specific needs.
There is nothing we do that you couldn’t do on your own if you invested the time needed to learn how to find, evaluate, select, integrate, and support this "royalty free" software.  In fact we can teach your organization how to do this on their own if you have internal resources you can use.
The result is high-end solutions that mirror custom-built enterprise class offerings, but with a significantly lower price tag.