How We Are Different

We Are A Solutions Focused Partner

Since we do not generate revenue from either (1) custom code development, or (2) by selling licenses to proprietary software, our business model is entirely based on our ability to deliver and support fully functional solutions for customer needs and problems. This creates an entirely different type of thinking and approach to customer engagement.  You will not find us trying to convince you our proprietary package is better than others, nor will you find us trying to develop detailed specifications to define deliverables. We do not expect or require you to dine on a serving of "alphabet" soup in order to engage with us, or make decisions about a lot of complex technology issues you don't fully understand.
Instead you will find us focused on understanding your problems and needs, and forming a custom fit solution with the lowest possible cost and shortest possible time frame. As your trusted technology partner, our job is to understand your organization's business needs and goals and then find pragmatic and cost effetive ways to apply technology. Our delivered solutions are then designed to be easy to use, matched to your organization's skills sets, and able to grow and evolve with your business.