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How We Are Different

We Specialize In Open Source Software

We are not a custom software development shop, nor are we marketers of proprietary software products. Our focus is on converting readily available Open Source Software and related components into usable business solutions.
This approach results in very affordable high-end solutions, as it eliminates the high costs of custom development as well as the expense of proprietary software license fees. The only thing you pay for is our expertise in sourcing and integrating existing royalty free components needed to create a solution matched to your specific needs.
There is nothing we do that you couldn’t do on your own if you invested the time needed to learn how to find, evaluate, select, integrate, and support this "royalty free" software.  In fact we can teach your organization how to do this on their own if you have internal resources you can use.
The result is high-end solutions that mirror custom-built enterprise class offerings, but with a significantly lower price tag.

We Do More Than Websites

We do not just do websites. Our focus is on the broader use of Internet technologies as a tool for collaborating and managing the collective knowledge of a organization or community.  Most websites are just a subset of the features needed in this space. Whether your need is for informing prospects about your offerings, building relationships with your customers, communicating with your employees, streamlining processes within your, or improving collaboration within project/work teams, all have similar information sharing needs. We have taken our expertise in innovation and collaboration dynamics to create an application platform designed to holistically address these diverse but related needs. 
As a result we can deliver full business solutions that not only address a specific need, but which can be easily extended to have a much broader positive impact on your business, for minimal additional cost. Since we leverage open source software, we have no vested interest in an particular approach of software package.  It is always about what it the best fit for your needs.  Bottom line is you get more for your money as we have a wider perspective than most other firms, and can help you transform the solution to an specific immediate need into a strategic asset.  

We Are A Solutions Focused Partner

Since we do not generate revenue from either (1) custom code development, or (2) by selling licenses to proprietary software, our business model is entirely based on our ability to deliver and support fully functional solutions for customer needs and problems. This creates an entirely different type of thinking and approach to customer engagement.  You will not find us trying to convince you our proprietary package is better than others, nor will you find us trying to develop detailed specifications to define deliverables. We do not expect or require you to dine on a serving of "alphabet" soup in order to engage with us, or make decisions about a lot of complex technology issues you don't fully understand.
Instead you will find us focused on understanding your problems and needs, and forming a custom fit solution with the lowest possible cost and shortest possible time frame. As your trusted technology partner, our job is to understand your organization's business needs and goals and then find pragmatic and cost effetive ways to apply technology. Our delivered solutions are then designed to be easy to use, matched to your organization's skills sets, and able to grow and evolve with your business. 

We Protect Your Investment

Since our solutions are based on open-source software you are never locked into our services. When we create a solution for you, you can get the source code for your application if your account is in good standing. This allows you to take your application with you if you decide to go elsewhere, avoid the expensive cost of redesign if you change vendors. If you wish to support your solution with your own internal staff, we can teach them everything they need to know. Your initial investment in the solution we deliver is always protected.

We Provide Personal Touch

REAL PEOPLE - REAL SUPPORT - NOT SELF-SERVE AUTOMATION - We are not a volume oriented shop where you fill out a self-service form, containing technical acronyms you don't understand, that in turn drives automated creation of a website not up to your expectations. When dealing with us, you deal with real people, who are dedicated and focused on understanding and meeting your needs.  We meet you on your level, making technoloy simple.  Instead of requiring you to read pages and pages of self-help postings, we strive to personally understand your issue, and then get it solved.        
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